Do you want to be a swimming teacher? Join our live, real time online courses!


 Live, real time, safe online SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) and Level 2 Teaching Swimming Courses

So, don’t be bored at home during this time…become a swimming teacher and do it from home with a live tutor in real time.

  • Payment plans are available.
  • You must be 16.
  • You can be based anywhere in the world to do this.

We have been having a long hard think about what to do for our budding swimming teachers…it has to be said what is there to do right now but think? We decided a few weeks ago to look at our delivery and assessment model and look at how this is accessible, particularly during this time of lock down. We already have tutors who are very experienced (in their other jobs) at delivering online and we thought this was the perfect time to develop this.

Never mind the positives for our environment and our work life balance. This was our original motive before we had heard of this virus. So, this is what we have:

  • Come on our L1 and L2 combined course…if you only want to do either L1 or L2 that is fine too…and do the vast majority or all of it from home.
  • You will do 4 days online. This is in real time with a real tutor…in fact up to 3 presenters who all have different specialisms. This is easy…one of our presenters is 52 and a technophobe and she can do it…we will do taster sessions so there is no stress. You need a mobile/laptop/tablet and internet.
  • It will be great fun…you can see and hear us and we can see and hear you. The only difference is you can’t touch and smell us…we don’t think that is a disadvantage

You then have the following choices:

 You can choose a 2-day practical to come to at a specific location in the East Midlands, when you are ready to be assessed. We will do recaps and updates and help you get ready for your assessment in the usual way.


If you are teaching in your own school (obviously only when we are allowed to and schools are open again) you can send us a video of your teaching and we can assess this. We will work closely with you to make sure the environment is safe you are ready for assessment and monitor your teaching carefully. You will deliver the same as if you were at a face to face assessment.


If you are a swim school and you have a number of teachers where they can be assessed in situ at the same time, our assessors can come to you. Again of course only when it is safe to do so and life is back to some sort of normality.

Our next courses are:

9th to 12th April 2020


9th, 10th, 16th & 17th May 2020
Online with 2 days practical to follow in the East Midlands (dates TBC once pools reopen)

Course Costs:

Combined Level 1 & 2 course: £820

Level 1 only: £300

Level 2 only: £600

Additional dates to be announced soon please enquire for more details.

So, if you are booked on, we are running the same as usual…no changes here other than maybe when the 2-days practical will run (we are not sure when pools will be open). We have some great activities…our new health and safety activity is much better than we did before (and we have never had any complaints).

This course is planned for six days – that’s what we find most need. Some can achieve in less and some need more. If you want or need to come on multiple courses or return to refresh – you can. At no extra charge. You learn at your pace.

So, go ahead and contact Frances at  or complete our online booking form to book on.

We know it is going to be fun…the coronavirus isn’t going to stop us doing good!