Teaching Swimming Courses & Coronavirus Update

Dear all new potential Swimming Teachers,

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure over the next few weeks or months you can still become a swimming teacher and we can continue. We hope very much that everything goes to plan and of course, everyone stays healthy BUT we are being realistic…there may be interruptions. We of course are following the guidelines that we all know now…washing our hands, high standards of personal hygiene and self-isolating if needed.

We have the ability to set up online training for all the theory-which is likely to be 4-5 days of a combined L1 and L2 course and then to potentially run a “closed” practical session. If the pool is closed then we again can postpone this part and do it when we are all back to normal. We are speaking to Swim England Qualifications about adjustments in these strange times.

Rest assured we will have it sorted and you will have lots of opportunities-as long as you have a phone and you are on line-you are fine. You may be able to do lots of the course sat in your lounge in your PJs.

We want to emphasise we take this all very seriously and we take our little business seriously too…we want opportunities to continue safely for you and us too.

If you or your son or daughter is off school in the next few weeks and wants to use the time productively then book on!!! All course can be found on our website here.

If you are booked on one of our upcoming courses, we will be in touch nearer the start date to confirm all details.

The StreamlinED team.


A Swim England Qualifications Approved Training Centre